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At Construction Solutions, LLC we offer a wide variety of services to our clients.

Our company brings many years of combined building and design experience and we insure successful projects by working closely with our clients and a carefully chosen group of subcontractors and suppliers.

Our experience enables us to guide clients through each phase of the building process and we welcome and encourage client participation at every stop along the way.

Establishing a budget, creating a design to meet the clients aesthestic and functional needs, developing a construction schedule, understanding the permit process and working through the many design decisions to be made, are just a few key aspects of our collaboration with our clients.


à Site Planning


à Due Diligence Analysis


à Conceptual Design


à Design and Contract Document Management


à Concurrent Design and Value Engineering


à Construction Management Activities:


Þ Value Engineering Studies


Þ Project Budgeting & Scheduling


Þ Project Bidding Services


Þ Permitting Management & Administration


Þ Construction Progress Reporting


à Project Close-Out Management


à Benefits:


Þ Single Point of Contact


Þ In-House Coordination of Design & Const.


Þ Consolidated Project Delivery Time


Þ "Fast Track" Project Delivery Option


Þ More cost effective then Design, Bid, Build




à Program Management


à Site Planning


à Due Diligence Analysis


à Project Scheduling


à Project Budgeting


à Feasibility Studies


à Development Management


à Site/Environmental Permitting Management 


Design & Construction Consulting

à Contract Document Review


à Building Permitting Management

à Commercial and Residential


à New Tenant Improvements


à Design and Due Diligence


Construction Management

à Value Engineering Studies


à Project Budgeting & Scheduling


à Project Bidding Services


à Permitting Management & Administration


à Construction Progress Reporting


à Project Close-Out Management & Administration




General Contracting

à Competitive and/or Negotiated Bidding


à Project Scheduling / CPM


à Construction Progress Reporting


à Project Close-Out Management & Administration




Construction Administration

à Progress Inspections for Work in Place


à Applications for Payment Analysis


à Change Proposals Analysis


à Prepare Progress Reports


à Quality Control Inspections


à Close-Out Documents Analysis


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